About Yetunde Sarumi Collection

Yetunde Sarumi Collection provides garments for women that flatter and accentuate their form in West African fashion.

Who We Are

At Yetunde Sarumi, we are passionate about making our customers feel confident, gorgeous, and empowered. We work towards this mission by focusing on clothing that represents these values. Our firm belief that West African fashion is exceptional guides us towards each piece of fabric and each pattern we choose for our selection. Put simply, we are a team of designers that cares about our customers and proudly shares the glory of our homeland’s style.

What We Offer

Our collection is designed to make women feel gorgeous, modern, and comfortable in their own skin. We offer African inspired women’s clothing, including dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, jackets and pants. Each item will make any woman feel every bit as amazing as they truly are.

Why Choose Us?

Women around the world can shop at Yetunde Sarumi for breathtaking West African female fashion that complements their style and beauty. Each item in our collection is well made, and exudes confidence even on the hanger. Looking and feeling beautiful is the right of every woman, and we’re confident our collection helps do precisely that. 

About the Owner/Designer

Yetunde Sarumi is an exceptional young fashion designer whose trade signature lies in the delicate combination of elegance and class with bold African prints.

Yetunde’s passion for creating beautiful apparel was inspired by the traditional attire her mother would make her when she was a child, from Nigerian Aso-Ofi fabric, which she would proudly flaunt.

Tracing her heritage through fashion, Yetunde became a fashion student to learn and develop the techniques in design and sewing that have led to the successful establishment of her own brand. Yetunde’s mission is to create garments for women that are enjoyable, flattering, modern and reminiscent of West African fashion. 

Why We Do It

YS Gives Back! Percentage of each purchased item goes to an organization called, Towunmi Coker Literary Initiative (TCLI). TCLI promotes reading and writing culture among secondary school students in Lagos State, Nigeria. Their aim is to inspire, develop, promote, and support students in Nigeria secondary schools, who have a flair for writing with intent to impact their environment through literature..

TCLI and YS are currently working together to encourage and teach students how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We'll work on helping them to develop their passion and show them how to get started.

Building a Library in Nigeria

TCLI seek your support in their vision to build a standard community library in Lagos, Nigeria. They encountered some problems with the limited libraries in Lagos, which include inefficiency, obsolete books, poor research environment and low student involvement. This is why they have chosen to create a platform to increase literacy in the country by building an effective, resourceful and internet accessible library for the community. Their goal is to engage the young and old minds by providing access to information that can educate individuals who in turn can improve the society.

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