Grace + Art

I've come across some pretty amazing photographers in my life and CreativeSoul Photography is definitely in my top ten. Not only because of their amazing work, but also their professionalism (which you can also see in each picture they posted on their instagram page, @creativesoulphoto).

When they sent these pictures of Zaela and Amari Grace to me, I was speechless. The models/sisters, styling, hair, and makeup was just simply stunning. See, when customers buy my pieces, I'm always anxious to see how they'll style it and make it their own. When CreativeSoul Photography purchased these 2 dresses (LOLA and ASIA), I just knew they'll do something amazing with them and couldn't wait to see it. 

Very thankful for the opportunity.. please check out their teams' pages below.

Photographer: @CreativeSoulPhoto

Models: @IAMZaela @AmariGraceMccoy

Hair: @ZaraHair1

Makeup: @KeyaMUA

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